Most married folks would agree that date night can be a bit of a struggle; especially with life’s many distractions, like school, work, homework, etc. And we don’t even have little ones running around yet! So Dave and I kind of came to this conclusion of having “Holy Date Night”. We basically adopted the attitudes and behaviors of the Sabbath Day, but using Us as our focus rather than The Lord.

Last weekend, I took David to UVU’s Emerald Ball! It was basically the Prom we never had together, except way better because… well, because we’re married. That should be a given. Haha! A couple of perks of being the graphic designer for all of these events is 1.) I have access to all of the publicity files, and can use them as I please, and 2.) we get in free! So instead of using the money to buy tickets, I bought a dress, and a tie and shirt for David, and Bob’s your uncle WE’RE THERE.

David took me to The Wall at BYU for dinner, and we had some pretty great burgers and fries; but I’m pretty sure it’s unanimous when I say the deep fried cookie bites were by far our favorite. Deep fried cookie dough balls, with hot Nutella drizzled on top, and a scoop of BYU creamery vanilla ice cream. YUM. Should we have gained 10 lbs? Probably. Did we? THANK HEAVENS, NO.

The Wall
Bacon Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries YUM!
Deep Fried Cookie Dough Bites....

The dance was a BLAST! We felt like we were “young and dating” all over again! Even though neither of us are much of a dancer, we both love to goof off. So with our eyes fixed on each other, and not a care in the world, we looked like the biggest dorks on that dance floor. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Haha! Enjoy these fun moments I was able to capture that night. 

Succulents as a party favor?? So cute!
My green, velvet "dranket" (Dress-blanket. Hence the video to the right.)

“Keeping Date Night Holy” is one of the best things we could have discovered. Setting aside the rest of a single day to do more than just enjoy each other’s company, but to spend time of quality with just the two of us. More important than school; more important than work. Those things are temporal, but WE are Eternal. And we needed to remember to treat each other that way at least once every week. 

It’s pretty incredible the similarities to keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, if you think about it. There’s little daily things we do to keep The Lord on our minds and in our hearts, as well as with each other (dinner together, asking about their day, etc.) But there is always one special day of every week that needs our attention and devotion, for both. What a great lesson to learn. (: 

Until next time, here are a bunch of pictures and memories of this summer/fall that I haven’t had time to record stories of, but just want to stick in here for memory’s sake. 

Utah Valley Parade of Homes with my sweetheart!
It was so fun to dream together about our own future home.
More dogs... we're a fan, can ya tell?
I still don't know how that perfectly popped off.
Penguin Brothers Ice Cream Sandwiches!
Temple day
Grandpa's Casket. David got to be a pall bearer, putting his flower on top with the others.
My first time ever making apple pie
Projects at the Davis house ALL SUMMER
David's fish Leviathon. Levi for short.
I think his name should have been Geronimo.

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