Our Cup Runneth Over

This week has been a DOOZY. In lots of good ways! Just a doozy of busy-ness. So sometimes it can be stressful. Ya know, the school-work-eat-sleep-repeat life I mentioned in my last post. But even as all of that is true, our cup really does runneth over. We have felt the blessings of this crazy week in all the people we were able to spend time with, and the activities we did with them. 

Riding in Grandpa's Truck.

Over this last weekend (Labor day weekend) we got to stay with Grandma & Grandpa Corey! It was a blast. When Dave & I were dating, he brought me to Delta a couple of times and reminisced about his childhood and how many wonderful memories he had made there over the years. It quickly stole my heart and became one of my favorite spots because of the many romantic moments we had out there in wide open spaces, away from the city, and in this charming small town. 

Not to mention, Grandma & Grandpa are a powerhouse couple. Even in our short time there, I learned so much about them, and from them. Even just how they lived their life together. The way the talk with each other, cook together, read together. The over all environment of the home that they’ve built together is inspiring. That, and we got to help them with chores and serve them in our own little way by helping them clear out the mounds of tree branches they had in their backyard. So like I said: our cup runneth over. 

Beautiful farmlands of Delta, as far as the eye can see...
My hardworkin' man.

Over the week, David started his first week of school in his 3rd year at BYU. Slowly but surely he is creeping to the finish line, haha. We also got to see some good friends of ours–Dallin & Becky–and watched a play together at UVU. Becky is from… well, all over haha but she’s currently living in Idaho going to BYUI right now. Dallin is a lifelong friend of mine from high school and has become near and dear to both our hearts as he’s been home from the mission. He and Becky have been dating for a couple of months now after writing on the mission, and they too are a power couple. Needless to say, they are great friends, and we love to visit as often as we can. 

We also got to visit with David’s sister Jessica this weekend and talked and laughed for hours in the park. She is a hoot and a holler; we love spending time with Jessie. And last but not least, the Ward Activity I’d been helping plan, and dinner with a couple from the ward.

Second place for us! Cute silver kisses for our "silver medal"
Kisses for Kisses! (;
The activities committee | Jessica, Syd, Kelley, Jocelyn, & Madison

The ward activity was a blast! The girls and I had spent quite a lot of time planning, and I was so proud of them. We worked together so well; and even though we are all so different, it was fun to get to know everybody. It’s actually kind of funny, because Dave and I have found since we’ve been married that I have a sort of ironic social anxiety: I crave to have social connections with people, yet I get super stressed out in large groups so I don’t want to talk to anyone haha. Luckily, things like this get me outside my comfort zone, and I get to meet lots of new people and help them have a good time. There were about 30 couples there; all of which I was in charge of at one point during the day. Herding adults is just as hard as herding kids, I tell ya! 

We had a Field Day (literally), like the ones you would do in elementary school when you were a kid: 3-legged races, potato sack races, water balloon toss, the egg and the spoon game, etc. It was so fun! I definitely learned to appreciate ward activities, having a hand in planning them. It gave me greater motivation to be involved more in the future, since I know now just how hard people work to plan to make it fun for everyone. 

Lastly, today was regional conference for us. It kind of hit me that we were going to be getting counsel from an Apostle of The Lord Jesus Christ in this meeting, so even though all I was doing was coloring in an adult coloring book on my phone to keep my hands busy, I felt that I wasn’t taking it seriously enough and I needed to put it away to listen to this true servant of God. 

Elder Gary Stevenson’s main counsel to us was urging us to develop more Christ-like attributes. He gave us three that he wanted us to focus on specifically: Humility, Obedience, and Virtue.

Humility meant giving God all of the credit; having a spirit of gratitude; thinking of others before yourself.

Obedience means knowing the doctrine and following the commandments of The Lord. This include Latter-Day scripture from the revelations of the church leaders.

Virtue is character based from high moral standards. In order to obtain this, you must gain control of your thoughts and behavior, as to become pure from the inside out. This is exactly why President Monson has urged us to read the Book of Mormon daily; and why it is the Virtue project in the YW Personal Progress book. The Book of Mormon helps us to gain a sense of importance and desire for higher moral standard, set by Jesus Christ.

I learned so much in that meeting today. I thought it’d be beneficial to record it, and maybe it can help someone else too.

Until next time! 

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