One Year Down, Eternity to Go

Our first 365 days as a married couple has come and gone, and our retreat down memory lane was very much needed. A few months back, we booked a night at the same Inn we stayed in on our Honeymoon in Salt Lake City, and soon we were back living one of the most romantic weekends of our life together, with all sorts of new memories we made. 

The Inn on the Hill. Our view outside the window of our room. Beautiful!

We left early on Sunday morning so we could make it to Music and the Spoken Word at the tabernacle on temple square. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was beautiful! It was so special to see them for a second time. One of my favorite things to go to, and what a great way to open the Sabbath. Afterwards, we saw the Christus before going to church in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. I have never seen a more beautiful chapel EVER!! It is amazing. 

It was so nice to have a relaxing Sunday, with no worries, just us; Taking walks and talking about our hopes and dreams, beliefs and questions, and asking each other how we can be a better spouse to one another in this next year of our marriage. Personally, that was one of my favorite parts. It was kind of a spontaneous topic we just happened upon that night, but it seemed so logical that your years of marriage should be treated sort of like the New Year: where you decide where you can improve and make goals to do so. That way, each year can be better than the one before–even if it was a great year! Especially with the news of us potentially not having children for quite a few years, it’s so important that we keep growing together, because we won’t have that “growing up” experience of children as soon as other people might. We definitely needed that time of reflection, and it brought us closer together. (Which seems hard to believe, because we are totally attached at the hip haha)

Monday was quite the adventure! After having a delicious breakfast cooked and served by the Inn (seriously, they are the best. Anyone who’s anyone should book a night there.), we headed out to see Salt Lake City in ways we hadn’t before! 

We visited the Public Library, which was not only filled with art, but is pretty much an art piece in of itself. 

Next, we visited the Lion House (Oh, have I mentioned that I am in LOVE with the old Georgian architecture of SLC??) and it was so fun! Fun to learn about some pioneer heritage of Brigham Young and his family living in that place, as well as their house servants who lived with them. 

After lunch we went to the Natural History Museum! (I like museums, but this was more for David. I always get what I want, I figured it was his turn to choose haha). 

There were dinosaurs, and stuffed animals, TONS of interactive science-y stations–like pulling the lever for water to see how deep lake Bonneville was, or building your own building to see if it would withstand a 7.9 earthquake–and seriously so much more. Oh! And Vikings!!! I LOVE viking history! Kind of a strange thing to love, but I’ve got a passion for ancient nordic architecture and art haha. It was such a good time. We were like kids in a candy store, learning and playing together. It was our adult kind of bliss. Haha!

Although our day was hard to beat, it’s no question that night was the favorite for both of us. 

David treated me to a romantic dinner at The Roof on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial building, and let me tell you, it was memorable for sure. We walk in to gorgeous live piano music playing next to the buffet. Seated by the window with a prime view of the Salt Lake temple. To my surprise, David had arranged for a bouquet of roses to be placed on my side of the table. Isn’t he the sweetest?! My heart got all fluttery! It was awesome. Then we were treated to some of the fanciest, yet delicious food we’ve ever had. And at our fingertips all night long! Don’t even get me started on the dessert table… not only were they absolutely beautiful (almost too pretty to eat), they were delicious. Because our reservation was for 5:00 pm, the shades on the windows were all down so the sun wouldn’t get in our eyes, but I so desperately wanted to see the temple and the sunset. So we took our time eating, and talking. With romance in the air, and two hours had gone by, the shades go up and we are delighted with this gorgeous sunset backdrop to The Lord’s House, front and center.

What a magical evening. I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary trip, and I am forever grateful for my sweetheart who took time out so he could give me his undivided attention for 48 hours. Bliss. 


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  1. I so love reading your blog and keeping up with all your adventures! You guys are the sweetest. Love you both so much and Happy Belated Anniversary!


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