Through Blood, Sweat, & Tears… but mostly sweat.

Our first summer as a married couple was sure unlike the summer before – when we spent every waking (and non-waking) moment with each other on every romantic adventure imaginable. 
This summer, we were gung-ho towards the gates of success, and didn’t stop until our arms fell off! (Not really, haha.) We probably had around six side hustles started, never finished, and only one or two of which we even stuck to. 

Dave at the Puppy Barn. What a cutie!
A drawing I made for a friend who served his mission in Florida.
We painted the panelling in our living room! Another one of my crazy ideas that my sweet, patient husband helped with. Hehe
I turned 20 this year! I still feel like a kid...

From freelance graphic design, furniture-flipping, and website building, we dabbled in it all. Lot of good portfolio experience, but more than anything, it was just a big heap of good wholesome fun. We love getting to spend time together, and working on projects is one of our favorite things. I think the thing I loved most about it was every single day was productive. We don’t own a TV (personally I don’t want one ever) or have social media (hence, this blog) so time-wasters weren’t really an option. If we wanted to have fun, we went elsewhere looking for it. And it was GREAT!

Glider & sitting chair we refinished. Wish I would have gotten a "before" shot.
Also refinished this end table for
Syd, looking macho with her drill she had never used before. #biggirlnow

Regardless of all of the hard work–which we really did work hard–I would wager that the majority of our sweating was actually due to the “climate” inside our basement apartment! Our biggest purchase as a married couple, besides our car, was a window A/C. It was the beginning of July. After not being able to sleep for a solid two weeks, we had hit our melting point (ha, get it?) Soooo, maybe it was sort of an impulse buy. (Never buy large ticket items if you are HALT–Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired–fun fact for ya.) But was it a “worth it” impulse buy? MOST DEFINITELY. Hands down, no question. 

No, this is not our baby. Uncle David with baby Blaire. She was born July 20, 2017. Brandon & Kim sure do make cute kids!
We lost Grandpa Davis this summer. July 22, 2017. I had the privelege of singing at his funeral, with McKenna playing the piano.

Now that we finally had a refuge to go to after a hot day of work, life became a little easier to handle (wow, we are so pampered.) But even though we didn’t watch the sunsets every evening, or go for 3:00 AM horchata runs twice a week, like we did the summer before, we made all sorts of new memories. 
Dave started his new job with Qualtrics; I learned to cook better; we went to the zoo; I finally got to take him to my “second home” in Snowbird this year! And much more. I wish I would have thought to take more pictures, but as this blog continues, I’m hoping it will remind me to document our early married years. 

The Lookout
Mountain Flyer
The Peruvian Lift Tunnel
Hogle Zoo. Oh, how I love this man.

And now its off to the races of school-work-eat-sleep-repeat. Though the semester brings stress into our life more than any other time, it also brings a slew of adventures in of itself. May we continue the chain of good memories of this summer into the school year! (I am PUMPED for Halloween!! Not to mention, we’ve almost been married a WHOLE YEAR. Can hardly believe it.) Catch ya later!

Bear Lake in May.
Our cute little cabin in Hyrum.

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