Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Finally took the time to sit down and catch up on our own life this morning to find that my last draft written was literally on Halloween ONE YEAR AGO. Goodness! Where on earth does the time go?? Since it’d be silly to post that draft now, with an updated post following, I’lll just make it a combination–sort of a mini year-in-review starting from last Halloween to this Halloween! Which seems perfect to me, since Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. 🎃

October 31, 2017 – "You're a Beast, Hairy"

“These last two weeks have been some of the busiest of the semester for the two of us here in the Corey home. TOO MUCH school, but a whole lot of fun too! I’ve sort of gotten in this funk where school feels like nothing but a prison. So what do you do when you feel trapped behind bars? Play “breakout”. Haha! It’s important to take your studies seriously, but if you don’t let your hair down every so often, you’ll end up a bag of bones with a money sack in your hand. Point is, if you stop living simply to trudge through responsibilities, there won’t be a life to come back to when you’re done with it all. 

So, we took out our ponytails and had TWO Halloween parties that we went to last week!”

The most DARLING invitation we've ever received! Harry Potter party with Alec and Lydia! They really went all out...
The invitation I made for our Halloween Game Night! I thought I was clever...haha

Dave and I LOVE to dress up all “matchy-matchy” for Halloween every year, so this year we decided to go as (a very “homemade”) Belle and Beast! But of course, silly ol’ me didn’t get a picture with the two of us!! Good thing David looked too cute not to capture, so for last year, I’m afraid this is all there is. 

But as far as our game night went, it was a blast! We had a few friends over to play games and get fat on all of the sweets we had haha. Luckily, we have good friends with a good stash of games to play, because when it comes to the game-department for us we are pretty much broke. The Woods brought Salem (as in Salem witches) so it was PERFECT for Halloween. To this day it’s still one of our favorite games! 

Last year for decorations, I had to get really creative, since we had a pretty small budget. Thought I’d say it all matched our tiny first apartment quite well! I love Halloween!

David's "Beast" Costume!
Our party table set up. Yum!
A few of my fall decorations. I also had some witchy apothecary jars, and paper-cut spider webs hanging around the house.
Trash Bag Spider! He was my favorite.

Though I love to host, the real highlight of this holiday was the amazing Harry Potter party that The Russell’s worked so hard on! We threw together some Hogwart-y clothes, and walked right into a different world! They rented out the Provo Castle (which we didn’t even know existed), had a feast in the great hall, planned different HP themed activities and more! It was one of the funnest things we did that year. 

"Goodbye Old, Hello New"

After a wonderful holiday season filled with family and finals, it was time for me to say goodbye to the job I had grown to love, and the university I had learned so much from. 

To anyone around us during this time, it was no secret I desperately wanted to leave the school. Something just didn’t feel right. I struggled with this for so long; the conflict inside me stewed for months, between what I knew I needed to do for myself, and what I thought the world around me was telling me I had to do. Lo and behold, I finished my Associate’s Degree and decided (with David, of course) that I needed to search for what I really wanted to do with myself; outside of the university bubble. 

Marie was my supervisor while I designed for the UVUSA
We're still close even after being gone for almost a year!

So I pressed forward on a journey into the new year, trying nearly everything under the sun – from sculpture, printmaking, and pottery, to weaving, and embroidery and everything in between – to figure out what I liked! Turns out, I like pretty much everything! 😂  I LOVED pottery! So much, in fact, I ended up getting my own studio and selling pots at Salem Days this year! Though I still love it and want to explore more in the realm of pottery, like most everything I try, it was short-lived before even bigger things came to take its place. 

Yarn for dayz
Pumpkin tapestry just in time for Thanksgiving
My pangolin sculpture "Pax" was featured at the Annual Hogle Zoo Art Show!
My first embroidery for a friend's wedding. I loved trying this one!
"The Pottery Barn" studio!
My "wheel-mate" Erica. What a fun, spontaneous adventure!

Of course, among all of my own adventures, there are twice as many with my sweetheart and our friends! This year, we moved to a new apartment in Provo just a couple of blocks away (upstairs apartment with W/D?? Sold!), we took a weekend away to The Homestead Resort in Midway, had our annual camping trip with The Hopper’s, as well as our annual trip at Snowbird with my family! Among those, there’s always fun moments with just the two of us, never sparing a laugh every second we can get. Though, I think there is no contest with our trip out east to visit the Hopper’s while they were in North Carolina for an internship! We even got to visit some of David’s old mission spots in Virginia, between our escapades to Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Kitty Hawk! We cannot WAIT for them to come home in December. We were also happy to celebrate our second year anniversary! Marriage really is the most rewarding thing in life. I’m so blessed to have a partner like David by my side – forever! 

Welcoming Frank into our family.
I'm blonde! Happy birthday to me, from my sweetheart
David's last first day of school! Graduation here we come!

And of course, we can’t forget last night! Halloween! David is always a good sport when it comes to my insatiable demands for a couples costume. 😂 Thanks to my family, who always gives us the rest of the world a run for its money. My grandpa’s love of Halloween costume fun lives on. ❤️

Ash + Pikachu
Qualtrics Party!
The Grandkids
Grandma Shark + Grandpa Shark
Mickey + Minnie
Farmer John + Spiderman + Little Ol' Lady + 50's Girl

It truly has been a year full of surprises. The biggest surprise of all for me was the unmistakable feeling that I needed to go back to school. This whole “stay-at-home-wife” thing was not working out, to say the least. Honestly, I wasn’t very good at it. 😂 After months of exploring different artistic avenues, discovering who I really am, what I really like, and what I really want out of my/our life, it was evident to me that something needed to change. It had been about six months since I left school–with absolutely no intention of returning–and I decided to ask Heavenly Father what He needed from me at this time. 

Granted, this is the first time I had really prayed on my own with no outside goal or motivator (i.e. check the box, etc.) in several months, and I had been reading the Book of Mormon with greater conviction than I had ever experienced in my life for just a few short months prior, so this prayer was… a bigger deal than usual. It was evident too, when I got a crystal clear, immediate answer of what I needed to do, where I needed to do it, and what would happen if I did. It was so real and so powerful, that despite my protesting,  I had to swallow my words because there was absolutely no possible way I could say “no”. So, I committed to transferring to the University of Utah to become an Architect. I couldn’t be more excited. 😊